About Us

     Since 1949, Curtis has pioneered in the specialized field of materials science. The outgrowth  of this has been a unique expertise tn the areas of thin film and glass technology for which the

company has gained a reputation for solving difficult problems for leading electronics, aerospace and oceanographic firms.
     Particular skills have been achieved in  the area of metallization of micro surfaces to precise thicknesses and over precise areas. Typical of this work is the thin film deposition of aluminum and gold in high reliability ceramic Packages. Curtis has  also developed skills in plasma and radio frequency cleaning.

Curtis is equipped with ultra modern vacuum deposition  facilities offering the ability to perform sputtering, evaporation and ion plating. Multiple target capabilities make possible the deposition of many layers of different films per vacuum cycle,  resulting in infinite combinations of compounds, in addition, other techniques make possible the coating of the inside surface of tubes.

Electron beam and filament evaporation sources permit a wide  variety of materials to be deposited. Control is by means of quartz crystal-based equipment.  Dual beam systems offer two component alloy evaporation and multilayer thin films. this  technique also produces silicon-doped aluminum metallization layers.